Choosing a therapist is important. Background education of psychotherapists vary and there are also big differences on psychotherapy education. In Jung based studies the meaning of one’s personal psychotherapy is emphasized: at least 300 hours of personal study psychotherapy is required. Studies last six years and 400 hours of supervised customer work are required. During my education I performed 250 supervised working hours.

There are about 7000 psychotherapists authorized by Valvira operating in Finland. By the current regulations my background education is not accepted in Finland even though it is liable for demanding special level psychotherapy demands. Therefore I can’t  expect KELA reimbursements either.

Therapeutic process may become one of the most important experiences in life. It’s a big financial and temporal investment. Therefore I offer one free appointment to ensure the right choice. The trial  appointment runs mutually without any obligations; sometimes it may happen that the thread of life is found at the very first meeting.

I am specialized to work with major changes of life – I don’t offer quick package solutions. Jungian analytical psychotherapy lasts on average for 1.5 years with the most usual once a week appointments. For each client I schedule 60 minutes appointments of which 45 minutes are reserved for discussion.

You can read more about the Jungian code of ethics from here.


GOOD THERAPY – What kind of therapy  would I like to receive myself?

I would like work with a therapist, who is definitely professional and whose education is the best possible. My six years of psychotherapy education guarantees a versatile application of the most recent studies, theoretical framework, and therapy skills.

I would like the therapist to relate to me as a person, not as a diagnosis. Many symptoms are signs of change and growth. They are part of events of life and they guide a person towards new phases in life. I relate to you as an equal individual and I’m trained to walk with you through  difficult situations in life.

I would like the therapy to be a self-knowledge process. In therapy I use a psychodynamic approach which aims to find the  reasons forsuffering and barriers. With this method the transformation and benefits are more permanent. I believe that the psyche is able to heal itself when given the right prerequisites. My personal background with arts and literature guarantees a deep and versatile conception of humankind, and it helps me to meet dissimilarity



At  the first appointment we start with the most important question – why did you seek for therapy right now? I will also ask about your present and your background: about your family and life. The first appointment is more like an interview, it’s more supervised. I will also ask if you remember some dream. If we decide to start the therapy, the following appointments will be more uncontrolled and not so structured. You can just talk about what is in your mind. I will do my background work about your personal history carefully, but the past is dealt with only if it influences the present.

Here are some questions asked at the first appointment:

  • Tell me, what made you seek for therapy this time?
  • Have you been at therapy before? When and why? Did it help? If it did, why? If it didn’t, why not?
  • Tell me about you physical health situation? Do you need medication?
  • Tell me a little bit about your childhood home and the family you grew up with?
  • Tell about your present life. Who and what is important right now?
  • Tell me some dream you remember.
  • What kind of nature experiences do you remember from your childhood?
  • What kind of experiences do you have of animals? How about important places in nature?
  • Tell me where you are from? From what kind of environment? How was the environment taken into account in your childhood home?



Everyone. Therapy can give tools for relationships, family situations, self-knowledge and work life questions. Therapy is a place to stop and understand your own life, your choices and the future. It can support in the most difficult times in life. It can heal injuries caused by early interaction, open double binds of the past, and be a drugless treatment for depression and anxiety. You can attain better control of your life and ease the stress. It could be the biggest activator for smaller or bigger life changes.



The price is 90€ per appointment. Cancellation the day before. Payment with cash or once a month by invoice. I also offer a possibility for 70€ per appointment – in that case the payment must be made in advance (in the beginning of the month for the whole month) and there is no right for cancellation. Prices for professional supervision are discussed case-by-case.



Yes! Ask for psychotherapy groups, different kinds of creative or academic writing groups or dream groups!



Otto Kernberg has written about ”almost impossible patients”, aggression,  personality disorders and love.

C.G.Jung, The Collected Works – an endless source of inspiration.

Donald Kalsched: about trauma and survivors of trauma.

James Hillman, a disobedient psychoanalyst: “Don’t kill the dragon, kill the hero”

David Mamet, the role model of my youth in drama.

Julian Barnes




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