Other services

Executive Individuation

Executive Individuation is a coaching method for key executives based on eight personal meetings. It reveals the story or myth at work behind the executive’s style of leadership, and supports becoming an individual who is in touch with the collective side of oneself.

I also offer personal and group-based supervision for doctors, psychiatrists, medical staff and social workers from the perspective of analytical psychology.


  • The unconscious in an organization
  • Social dreaming, fantasy and storytelling


Story Supervision

Story Supervision is a new method for developing scripts. There is no paper pushing, instead the method is based on telling the story, here and now in a Story Supervision group.

A Story Supervision group can be attended by the scriptwriter alone, or by a two-person team (writer-director, writer-producer, writer-actor etc.).

The groups work with psychodynamic methods, creatively teasing out new perspectives. Story Supervision is based on state-of-the-art storytelling theories.

The method can be applied at any stage of the scriptwriting: the final version, first draft or synopsis.

Story Supervision is more efficient and economical compared to traditional dramaturgic feedback which is based on a single point of view. It also creates compelling stories!

I also offer dramaturgic training and seminars for companied and organizations who need storytelling tools in their work.